How to find out if someone has a bachelor's degree

Written by helen jody lin | 13/05/2017
How to find out if someone has a bachelor's degree
Falsifying a college Bachelor's degree is a common occurrence on resumes. (Graduation Day 2 image by chrisharvey from

Degrees are one of the easiest things to falsify, but they are also an easy thing to check, according to Whether the Bachelor's degree sweetens the deal for a job candidacy, or is a requirement for a certain position, verifying the legitimacy of a college degree is important. Employers should never take resumes at face value. Take the time to verify the Bachelor's degree with the institution.

Request an official transcript from the candidate, sent directly from the his school. Official transcripts are sealed, signed and stamped by the registrar's office. The individual cannot tamper with it because the documents do not go through them.

Call the registrar office directly. Under the Family Educational Rights and Privacy Act (FERPA), colleges are not allowed to release GPA information and academic records over the phone, but they can confirm graduate dates and major/degree type.

Request the person show you the original degree or diploma. As an employer, asking to prove a bachelor's degree can eliminate or deter some applicants. However, degrees can be falsified, or acquired from non-accredited colleges.

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