How to Adjust the Boost on a Nissan Patrol RD28T

Updated July 20, 2017

The Patrol RD28T is a full size sport utility vehicle endowed with rugged off-road capabilities, thanks to an available 4X4 system. In production for over six decades in various markets, the Patrol is poised to make its North American debut in 2011 -- as part of Nissan's upscale Infiniti brand. The RD28T version is equipped with a 2.8L SOHC (single overhead cam) 6-cylinder turbo-diesel engine; that delivers 125 horsepower and 86.2kg-ft of torque in stock trim. A moderate boost psi (pounds per square inch) increase with a low cost manual boost controller, is a relatively simple and effective way to gain extra performance without sacrificing reliability.

Attach one end of the controller to the turbo source, located near the compressor outlet.

Connect the other side to the waste gate actuator with vacuum line.

Secure the manual boost controller using the zip-ties to the radiator mount, or other area away from the exhaust manifold.

Rotate the knob on the controller clockwise to increase psi, and check boost levels by performing a full throttle pull.

Adjust the MBC as necessary to achieve desired boost setting. A 2-3 psi increase will provide a significant performance boost without putting excess strain on engine components.


Upgrading the Patrol's intake and exhaust systems with high-flow units, will further increase power gains.


Perform testing on a closed road or track. Raising boost beyond factory specifications can result in severe engine damage, use caution.

Things You'll Need

  • Manual Boost Controller (MBC) Kit
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