Kawasaki Jet Ski Impeller Instructions

Updated February 21, 2017

The impeller of an aquatic vehicle works like a propeller to help move a jet ski. Over time, Kawasaki jet skis wear out and their engine parts require replacement. Due to their heavy use, impellers are especially subject to wear and tear and must be replaced every five to six years. Learning to replace the impeller of your Kawasaki jet ski saves you time and money by reducing your maintenance costs and extending the life of your jet ski.

Remove the Kawasaki Jet Ski from the water and set it on dry land.

Unscrew the bolts that hold the ride plate in place, using an impeller tool. The ride plate is on the underside of the jet ski.

Grasp the siphon bilge, next to the cooling line hose, and pull it away from the jet ski. Detach the cooling line from the siphon bilge. Detach the other end of the cooling line from the steering cable. Remove the siphon bilge and set it aside.

Remove the bolts attached to the reduction nozzle, using the impeller tool. Slide off the reduction nozzle by pulling it away from the jet ski. The impeller sits directly under this nozzle.

Remove the cap of the impeller. Slide the impeller forward by about 3 inches. Connect a 26-mm wrench attachment to the impeller tool. Slide the tool to the end of the impeller shaft and loosen the impeller. Pull the impeller all the way from the jet ski and discard it.

Apply engine grease to the bottom of the impeller shaft. Slide the new impeller into place and secure it using the impeller tool. Reconnect the engine parts in opposite order of removal.


Improve the lifespan of your Kawasaki jet ski by treating it for winter.

Things You'll Need

  • Impeller tool
  • 26-mm attachment
  • Engine oil
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