Danfoss Operating Instructions

Updated February 21, 2017

Danfoss makes many types of heating products for commercial and residential use. One product, available for your home or office, is a thermostat to control a floor heating system. Thermostats manufactured by Danfoss include a variety of options, such as a clock and a child lock. Many of the operating functions for the thermostat are set by using the control knob on the device.

Press the control knob and hold it down for at least three seconds. You will then see an icon of a clock appear on the display.

Turn the knob to the left or right to select the correct time. Continue turning the knob until you have set the time with the correct day of the week.

Press the control knob to store the time. The icon of the clock will then disappear from the screen.

Press the control knob or button and hold it in place.

Turn the knob counterclockwise until you see the word "Code" appear in the display.

Turn the knob clockwise and select the code "0033."

Press on the control knob until you see an icon of a clock or a hand appear. This indicates that the child lock has been set.


Press on the control knob and hold it for six seconds to set the timer. Turn the control knob to the left or right to adjust the temperature.

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