How to Make a PT Cruiser a Hot Rod

Updated February 21, 2017

Any vehicle can be transformed into a hot rod, depending on the amount of time, money and equipment you want to put into upgrading it. The Chrysler PT Cruiser is not an ideal hot rod, due to its fairly limited engine options. However, the PT Cruiser's unique body style makes it a popular choice for upgrading.

Upgrade the tires and rims on your PT Cruiser. Installing wider rims and high performance tires will improve the PT Cruiser's handling and performance.

Install a performance chip in your PT Cruiser's computer. The high performance chip will fine tune the PT Cruiser's fuel mixture for optimal performance. Adding a computer chip will help your vehicle's engine deliver a more accurate fuel to air mixture, which allows the PT Cruiser to run more effectively and may also improve gas mileage.

Upgrade the PT Cruiser's exhaust system so that exhaust gases exit the vehicle's exhaust system more effectively. Larger exhaust pipes can combine with a higher quality muffler to create more effective airflow and improve horsepower.

Install a supercharger. Superchargers genrate additional power, torque and horsepower using a belt and pulley that attaches to your PT Cruiser's four cylinder engine.

Install a nitrous oxide system on your PT Cruiser. Nitrous gas, commonly referred to as NOS among racing enthusiasts, adds a short burst of extreme speed and power to the PT Cruiser's engine.


Hot rod modifications will affect the handling and driveability of the vehicle.

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