How to Convert Cooking Temperatures for Gas vs. Electric

Updated February 21, 2017

When you are cooking, a recipe may include the temperature setting for an electric or a gas oven. However, there are differences between gas and electric ovens. Converting the temperature increases your chances of heating the food at the right temperature, resulting in a properly cooked meal. Fortunately, converting the temperature is an easy process.

Read the recipe and locate the gas mark setting. This mark ranges from 1/4 to 5. To convert the gas mark into an electric oven temperature, note that gas mark 1 equals 135 degrees Celsius.

Add 0-3.889 degrees Celsius for every gas mark that is a whole number over 1. For example, gas mark 2 is gas mark 1 (135 degrees Celsius) plus 0-3.889 degrees Celsius. This means that gas mark 2 is 149 degrees Celsius. Gas mark 3 is gas mark 2 (148 degrees C) plus -3.89 degrees C, or 163 degrees Celsius.

Deduct 0-3.889 degrees Celsius for each gas mark under 1. For example 1/2 gas mark is 275 degrees minus 25 degrees, equalling 121 degrees Celsius. The next descending gas mark is 1/4. Gas mark 1/2 is 250 degrees minus 25 degrees, equalling 107 degrees Celsius.

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