How do I Fix a Sentry Safe?

Updated March 23, 2017

Sentry Safe made the first fireproof safe 1955. The Sentry product line includes home, business, commercial and gun safes. People keep some of their most valuable possessions in safes ranging from financial documents to jewellery. While safes help protect your valuables from fire and thieves, they may keep you out as well. If you own a Sentry you may encounter problems opening the safe. There are a number of reasons why that happens. In many instances those problems are resolved with a few simple troubleshooting basics.

Check the batteries. The battery icon flashes yellow when the battery power is low. The battery icon is located on the face of the electronic key pad. Replace the old batteries with a new set of four AAA alkaline batteries. The battery storage is located behind the electronic lock case. The safe won't function at all if the batteries do not work.

Spray WD-40 oil inside the key lock on models equipped with them. Sometimes key locks get clogged with dust and dirt. Use the hammer and knock on the lock softly. This dissolves and/or loosens any debris. Insert your key into the lock. Rotate the key clockwise and open the safe.

Pull up the safe's handle all the way up. Make sure the handle is in a horizontal position. As you hold the handle up follow the instructions for your opening your safe's electronic lock. This procedure helps when the electronic features are working but the safe won't open.

Call Sentry Safe customer service. The phone number 1-800-828-1438. Jot down the make, model and/or serial number of your safe. Tell the customer service representative the problem you're experiencing. The representative will give you instructions for solving the problem.


Download an instruction guide for you specific model Sentry safe. The serial number is located near the door hinge. It's also listed at the beginning of your owner's manual.

Things You'll Need

  • Four AAA alkaline batteries
  • WD-40 oil
  • Hammer
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