Roman Blinds Tutorial

Updated July 13, 2018

Unlike blinds made of louvered slats, Roman blinds are made of soft fabric that folds into pleats when the blinds are raised. Usually called Roman shades, these window coverings add a refined touch to any room. Roman blinds are installed in three different fashions: inside mounting, ceiling mounting and outside mounting. New shades come with instructions and mounting kits containing the necessary installation gear. Once installed, Roman blinds are easy to use and care for.

Hold the head rail -- the bar that the blinds hang from -- against the top of the window casement for Roman shades that mount inside the window. Drill pilot holes with an electric drill through the round holes in the head rail and screw 2-inch wood screws through the holes to attach the head rail to the casement.

Hold the head rail against the ceiling over the window for ceiling-mounted Roman shades. Lower the shade to determine the point at which you should secure the head rail. Mark the position of the head rail's slots with a pencil. Hold the installation brackets up to the ceiling, aligning their screw holes with the marked points. Drill pilot holes through the brackets and secure them to the wall with screws. Attach the wall anchors and toggle bolts to the holes on the top part of the bracket and secure the head rail to the brackets by tightening the wing nuts to the bolts.

Use the same installation process for outside mounted Roman blinds, which are mounted from the top exterior plank of the window frame. Mount the brackets to the window frame rather than the ceiling.

Pull the hanging cord at an angle to raise the blinds.

Stop raising the blinds at the desired height to lock them in place.

Give the cord a brief tug to release the lock and lower the blinds.

Dust the blinds with a feather or synthetic duster to remove excess dust.

Vacuum the blinds using a soft brush nozzle attachment.

Detach the blinds and steam clean or iron them to remove creases.


Use shims to correct uneven or slanted window casements during installation. Secure cords with a clamp or clothespin to prevent entanglement.

Things You'll Need

  • Mounting kit
  • Electric drill
  • 2-inch wood screws (usually included with blinds)
  • Pencil
  • Feather duster
  • Vacuum cleaner with brush nozzle
  • Iron or steam cleaner
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