Kettler Apollo Gravity System Instructions

Updated February 21, 2017

The Kettler Apollo Gravity System inversion table allows you to hang upside down. Inversion table proponents claim that the exercise machine aids in the relief of several ailments, most notably back pain. As with any exercise equipment, you must operate the Kettler Apollo Gravity System correctly to get the full benefit of the inversion table and to avoid injury.

Pull the pin out of the Kettler Apollo frame next to the left arm and insert it into one of the six maximum inclination holes. Place the pin on the right side of the frame into the corresponding hole. The maximum inclination holes determine how far back the Kettler Apollo swings when leaning back. When pins are in the uppermost holes, the table will stop at a horizontal position. Each subsequent hole increases the backward inclination of the table. The sixth hole is the maximum inclination on the Kettler Apollo.

Press down on the foot grip handle and move it forward to open the foot grip. Stand on the foot rest and rest your back against the table. Note the location of your head on the table. The top of your head should rest near the top of the table back without hanging over.

Loosen the foot rest screw by hand and move the foot rest up to a higher hole if your head rests far below the top of the table or down if your head hangs over the table. Tighten the screw in the hole and check the placement of your head again until your body is in the correct position.

Open the foot grip by the handle, stand on the Kettler Apollo and pull the foot grip handle toward your body. The foot grip keeps your body attached to the chair when you lean backward.

Raise one of your arms slowly to change your body's centre of gravity and start the table leaning backward. Lift your second arm into the air slowly if the table does not move after raising your first arm.

Grip the left and right handles with your hands when leaning backward and pull up to change your centre of gravity and return to the starting position.


Consult your doctor before using this or any fitness or exercise equipment. Move any objects away from the front or back of the Kettler Apollo to avoid injury or damaging the machine. Do not use the maximum inclination position when first using the Kettler Apollo. Become comfortable with the machine by starting with the minimum positions. When first using the Kettler Apollo, have someone in the room with you in case you have trouble moving the table back into the starting position.

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