How to Make a Model of a Dream House

Updated February 21, 2017

You may require a model of a house for a project if you are a hobbyist, crafts person or future homeowner. A dream house model will aid in the construction of your home-building project, especially if you choose to be your own general contractor. The scale model house will help you determine the style of the house exterior and the floor plan for the interior. You can fashion a dream home scale model project from lightweight foam core board.

Draw the outline of the dream house plan on graph paper. Use a metal ruler to determine the scale of the model project. For instance, choose 1/16 inch, 1/8 inch or 1/4 inch per foot of the actual house. Make a separate sketch for each floor of the house. The model will be made to scale using the grid. For example, if using 1/4-inch grid paper to make a model of a 40-foot exterior house wall, you will count out 40 squares on the paper for the measurement. One-fourth inch on the paper equals 1 foot of the house wall space. Determine the height of the building using the same scale measurements.

Make a copy of the grid drawing plan of the exterior outlines of the house only. Cut out the exterior walls and roof of this copy for a template or pattern. You will still have the main drawing to refer to.

Trace the plan drawings of the exterior walls and roof onto a sheet of foam core board using the metal ruler for a guide. Trace the exterior door and window openings onto the foam core board.

Place the metal ruler on the foam core board and cut out the walls and roof of the model home with a craft knife. The metal ruler will work as a guide as you cut first through the top layer of paper and then through the foam. Make a third cut to go cleanly through the bottom paper coating.

Trace the walls and open doorways of the interior of the home onto foam core board. Be sure to refer to the true measurements of the home while converting them to scale using the grid measurements from the paper drawing plan.

Cut the walls and door openings out of the foam core board. Dry fit the pieces together to be sure they will fit snugly. Trim away excess foam or paper if the pieces are crooked or the wrong size.

Secure the exterior walls with white tacky liquid glue. Add interior walls after the exterior form is dry.

Assemble the roof sections with white tacky liquid glue. Prop the roof on a cardboard tissue box or wadded up waxed paper to keep the proper shape while it is drying.

Embellish the dream house model with interior and exterior decor made with craft paper or card stock. For example, use prints of wood flooring, brick, stone, linoleum or tile surfaces.

Decorate the exterior of the foam core model dream house with craft paper or card stock siding, window trim and doors. Glue the pieces on to the foam board.


Use a self-healing cutting mat to protect the work surface when cutting foam core board on a table.

Things You'll Need

  • Graph paper
  • Metal ruler
  • 3/16 inch foam core board
  • Craft knife
  • White tacky craft glue
  • Craft paper or card stock
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