How to find an adopted child from the sixties

Updated February 21, 2017

Many parents wish to find children they put up for adoption. If you put a child up for adoption in the 1960s, you should be able to find her. As of 2011, children born in the 1960s are at least 40 years old. Many 40-year-old people may have moved from their home state or changed their names. This may make them slightly harder to find. However, if you have the person's birth date and Social Security number, you should be able to find an adopted child from the 1960s.

Locate the person's adoption paperwork from the 1960s. This may involve a birth certificate and an adoption contract. The material should list the birth date of the adopted child, such as January 3, 1965. You should have this paper work in a safe area such as a safe deposit box or a locked drawer of your desk. If you do not have paperwork, contact the hospital or adoption agency used for the original adoption to see if they are able to provide it.

Contact your state's social services department and ask to speak to a representative who specialises in adoption and children's issues. This representative should be able to point you in the direction of adoption agencies you can contact. If your adoption was processed by the state, the social services department may have information about your adopted child such as their adoptive parents' full names. Give the representative all of the information you have available and ask for any details the representative can give you about your adopted child.

Search for the adopted individual using the Internet. Someone adopted in the 1960s would legally be an adult by the 1980s. As a result, it is legal to contact the adoptee. Enter the adoptee's full name in social media websites such as Twitter and Facebook. Identify the person you want to contact. Send the individual a message explaining that you would like to get in touch.

Search for the 1960s child using an Internet service such as Omnitrace, I Was Adopted or Zabasearch. Enter the person's full name and birth date. Many programs can provide you with the last known address or phone number of a person. Many children born in the 1960s now own a house or are married. If your child has been married, their legal name may have changed. Search by Social Security number, if possible. If you do not have the number, it is probably impossible to obtain it.

Hire a detective, who will search for an individual born in the 1960s using the Internet and other tools.


Not all adopted children want to get in touch with their birth parents. Prepare mentally for this possibility before attempting to contact your child.

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