How to Work With .lvl on "Star Wars Battlefront"

Updated July 20, 2017

Modding, the process of making your own characters, weapons and maps, is found on many computer games. In "Star Wars: Battlefront," it is possible to make your own levels to be shared and played with your friends. To use assets of the original levels, such as textures, in your own map, you will need to extract the files from the LVL map extension. The ".LVL Extractor" makes this possible.

Download and install the ".LVL Extractor" (see Reference).

Double-click "Extract.exe."

Type "Extract xxx.lvl" and press "Enter." Replace "xxx" with the LVL you wish to extract. For example, if you wish to extract the Tattooine level, type "Extract Tattooine.lvl." A new directory will be created in the ".LVL Extractor" folder with the textures and other files from the LVL.


You will find a LVL for each in-game map in the "Star Wars: Battlefront" folder on your hard drive.

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