How to Supplement Horses With Silica and Silicon

Updated July 20, 2017

Silica and silicon are becoming increasingly popular in the treatment of lameness and bone injury in horses. They are also used as preventive measures to maintain healthy joints and bones because the introduction of foods high in silica and silicon can increase performance in active horses. Silicon is found in plants and grasses, and horses will ingest these as part of their natural diet, while out to pasture. Silica naturally occurs in oats and millet, both of which can be used as a supplement in your horse's daily diet.

Select a clean feed bucket. Make sure it is free from traces of any previous feeds.

Prepare your horse's usual feed in the bucket. A horse's diet varies depending upon personal taste, dietary requirement and appetite. It can include hay, molasses and grain.

Add one cup of millet to the prepared feed. Millet contains high levels of silica and is sufficient to supplement your horse's daily requirements.

Turn your horse out to graze. After giving your horse its daily feed, allow it to forage. The grasses and plants your horse eats while out to pasture contain high levels of silicon.


Consult your vet before treating lameness or in the event of your horse sustaining a bone injury. Do not overfeed your horse, Overfeeding can lead to colic, a serious condition in horses.

Things You'll Need

  • Feeding bucket
  • 1 cup millet
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