How to Remove a Jammed Clarion CD Changer Magazine

Updated February 21, 2017

Jammed CD players can be a major impediment to the use of your car stereo system. Changer magazines can get stuck for a variety of reasons, and you will likely not be able to use your player until you fix this problem. When the changer magazine gets jammed, it is most often because the CDs are stuck in the system. You can get your CD unstuck on your Clarion player to remove the jammed magazine.

Press and hold the "Eject" button, and use the "Power" button to power the system on and off. Do this for up to three minutes to attempt to force the disc out.

Press and release the "Reset" button on the face of your CD player. This button is a small black indentation, and you must press it with a pointed object. It may force your stuck disc out without your having to manually remove it.

Remove the faceplate of the CD player to attempt to remove stuck discs with better access.

Insert the edge of a blank disc in the player and try to push the stuck CD up into the ejecting track, and then press and hold "Eject."

Slide out the CD changer once you have removed the stuck disc, and use the blank disc again to pry apart the stuck changer magazines.

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