How to Replace Track Lighting Bulbs

Updated March 23, 2017

Although the bulb that is used in track lighting can be used in other lighting systems, the method to replace it is a little different, because the bulb is housed in a light fixture connected to the track lighting. Track lighting is a lighting system that uses a "track" connected to the ceiling that powers multiple light bulbs attached to light fixtures. To replace a light bulb in a track lighting system, you must first remove the track light from the track system.

Turn off the light switch. If necessary, place a ladder under the track light so that you can access the bulb.

Grip the light fixture firmly at its base, and twist it counterclockwise until it releases from the track. Pull it down to remove it. On some track lighting fixtures, there is a release switch at the base. Move the switch to the "Unlock" position before twisting the base counterclockwise to remove it.

Remove the plastic ring surrounding the light bulb in the fixture. The plastic ring will be clearly visible in the track light fixture. Typically, you can pull the ring directly out of the fixture.

Rotate the bulb counterclockwise until it becomes loose, and then pull it free from the light fixture. Properly dispose of the old bulb.

Insert the new bulb into the light fixture and screw it in clockwise until it is firmly seated. Replace the plastic ring.

Insert the light fixture into the track, and then turn the base clockwise to secure it. If applicable, turn the locking switch on the base to the "Lock" position. Turn on the light switch to make sure the new bulb is working.

Things You'll Need

  • Ladder
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