How to Write a Commercial Cleaning Contract

Updated November 21, 2016

Commercial cleaners are in the business of helping customers clean up their homes or businesses, and should always have a contract for services in place to avoid being "cleaned out." Contracts serve as a legal method of clearly outlining the expectations of both the customer and service provider. Any time that a cleaning company, or individual, takes on a commercial cleaning project, it's important that both parties agree on the expectations and requirements of the job. Fortunately, contracts provide a documented method of outlining a job's requirements before any work takes place.

Create a contract template in a computer text program, such as Microsoft Word. Leave blank spaces in the document for the date, client name, services to be provided, cost of services and method of payment. By leaving blank spaces for vital information, businesses will be able to reuse the template for multiple clients.

Schedule a meeting with the client to go over the terms of the contract. Discuss what services will be provided, and how often. For example, trash bins may be emptied on a daily basis while the bathroom floors will be mopped every three days. Outline each action that will be taken in order to ensure that the entirety of the services to be performed are outlined within the contract. Also determine whether the client, or cleaning company, will provide the equipment and products required to complete the job.

Establish a cost and method of payment to include in the contract. Provide the client with a cost estimate based on the work that you will be performing. Typically, long-term commercial cleaning contracts are billed at a monthly rate. Determine if the client will pay monthly, or quarterly, and establish how long the contract is good for at the agreed upon rate of pay.

Agree on a cancellation policy for the contract. One common cancellation policy is thirty days' written notice by either party that they would like to end the contract. This will protect both the client and cleaning service in the case that either is dissatisfied with the job.

Enter the information gathered during the client meeting into the commercial cleaning contract template. Create two signature and datelines at the end of the contract for the client and cleaning service to acknowledge their acceptance of the terms of the contract.

Gather signatures from both the client and cleaning service representative on the final contract. Keep one copy on file with the client and a second with the cleaning service so that both parties are able to review the terms of the contract at any time.


To ensure the legality of your contract, seek the review and advice of an attorney. A wide array of contract templates are available from online sources to assist with the wording and format of commercial cleaning contracts.

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