How to Thread a Singer Overlock Serger

Updated April 17, 2017

Threading a Singer Overlock Serger can appear daunting at first glance. There are many different spools of threads that can be used, as well as a multitude of thread guides to follow. Following the correct guides is important to ensure that the correct stitch is made on the fabric you are sewing. Many Singer brand sewing and serger machines use a colour-coded guide system located right on the machine, which will make threading the machine easier to understand. While there are many different stitches you can make with the serger, a double chain stitch is one of the most basic stitches to learn to thread.

Life the presser foot up in order to release the tension disks and start threading the serger. Insert the thread from the farthest spool from the needle through the thread guide located farthest from the needle, going from the back to the front of the guide. Pull the thread through the top cover guide by pulling the thread to the left until it slips under the cover guide. Bring the thread along the right side of the button and pull it down between the tension disks.

Turn the handwheel, on the far left side, toward you until the chain stitch looper comes out about half an inch from the edge of the needle plate.

Thread the looper section of the sewing machine by following the thread guides. They will usually be colour coded, in most cases brown. Consult your manual to ensure that you are following the correct guide. If you have trouble pushing and pulling the thread through some of the guides, use a pair of tweezers to guide the thread through some of the smaller areas of the machine.

When you reach the looper eye, pull the thread through it from front to back. Immediately after you have looped the eye, position the thread into the "V" cutout. Hold the thread with one hand and move the threader lever into place with your other hand. Ensure that about 5 to 6 inches of thread hangs out the back of the machine.

Pass a new spool of thread through the thread guide located second to the right of the sewing machine's needle. Make sure you thread from back to front through the guide. Pull the thread through the top cover thread guide by bringing the thread to the left until it slips under the guide and thread along the right side of the button, the same as you did earlier with the far right guide.

Pull the thread between the tension disks and slip the thread through the middle slot of the colour-coded thread guide. Guide the thread over the take-up lever and slip the thread again through the middle slot. Again, consult your manual to ensure that you have the correct guides. When you have threaded all of the guides, the thread should be in front of the guide located on the bottom of the needle clamp.

Pull the thread through the eye of the needle, leaving about 4 inches of thread hanging in the back of the machine, under the presser foot. Lower the presser foot. The machine is now ready to sew.


When sewing with the serger, always keep fabric under the needle. If you sew off the fabric, the thread can get caught and break, possibly causing the need for you to rethread the machine.

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