My water pipes are making a rattling noise

Updated February 21, 2017

The problem of rattling water pipes is also called "Water Hammer". There are two typical reasons why you hear your pipes rattle when water is run in your house: 1) One or more pipes are loose, and are vibrating against a wall or other part of the structure. And 2) There's a lack of air inside the pipes which prohibits the water from running smoothly. Both problems can easily be remedied. To fix loose pipes, you'll need to have access to them. To correct the lack of air problem, you don't need to reach the pipes.

Wrap a section of insulation around the pipe if there is little space between the pipe and the structure it's connected to. Pipe insulation is cut down the side. Simply pull the sides of the insulation open and slide it over the pipe.

Wrap the rattling water pipe with a towel instead if you need more thickness to fill the space.

Apply strips of duct tape to the towel to secure it in place. The pipe insulation will stay securely in place without added tape.

Turn off the main water supply valve in the house.

Open all of the faucets to stop a rattling noise.

Turn the main water supply valve back on.

Go to the water faucet that's located in the lowest part of your house. Turn that faucet off. Turn the rest of the faucets off one by one to stop a pipe from making a rattling noise.

Things You'll Need

  • Pipe insulation or towel
  • Duct tape
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