How to Reset a BMW E60

Written by bobson st. pierre | 13/05/2017

The BMW E60 is more commonly known as the BMW 5 Series. The automobiles in this series come equipped with an on-board computer that tracks driving conditions and uses this information to determine when service is needed. The computer will illuminate an indicator on the instrumentation panel to alert the driver that maintenance is required. Once the car has been serviced, the computer must be reset so it can resume tracking conditions and alert the driver the next time maintenance is required.

Turn the ignition on without actually starting the car.

Press the odometer reset button and hold it in for about 5-10 seconds until the "Service" icon appears.

Release the odometer button and press it again. This will display images of the various service icons. For example, an oil can indicates that oil service is required.

Reset the service indicators by releasing and pressing the odometer button until the service icon that you want to reset appears. As soon as it appears, hold in the odometer button until the prompt "RESET?" displays. When the prompt appears, release the button briefly and then hold it in again for another 5-10 seconds until another icon appears. Continue resetting the other service indicators in this manner.

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