How to adjust the timing for a brushless RC motor

Updated July 18, 2017

Adjusting the timing of a brushless RC motor offers exceptional control over power output. Unlike normal brushed electric models, which require physical changes to the motor itself, brushless motors cannot offer variations within their own construction. Instead, brushless motor timing is the responsibility of the electronic speed control (ESC), which can advance the motor's timing digitally. Learning how to alter your brushless motor's timing will ensure premium performance from your RC vehicle.

Enter the "Setup" mode on your Electronic Speed Control and access the set-up screen for advancing the timing of the motor. Refer to your model's instruction manual.

Raise the advance in order to increase the overall power of the motor; however, be aware that doing so will increase the temperature at which the motor functions. Do not use this setting unless you plan on running your vehicle at top speed, since half-throttle for long periods under these conditions will damage the motor.

Decrease the advance in order to reduce the overall power of the motor while decreasing the functioning temperature.


Do not let your motor overheat, as this will cause permanent damage.

Things You'll Need

  • Brushless ESC
  • Brushless motor
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