How can I dye my carpet a different color?

Updated April 17, 2017

When updating a room or remodelling, it is often necessary to change your carpeting. This can be quite expensive, especially if you wish to change more than one room. This can be accomplished by simply dying your carpeting yourself. However, you may only dye the carpet the same colour (to cover stains) or a darker colour. You will not be able to dye it a lighter colour. Before purchasing your dye, determine what your carpeting is made of, as this can affect the brand of dye that your purchase.

Remove all furniture from the room, and shampoo the carpets completely. Allow them to dry thoroughly.

Mix the carpet dye in accordance with the product's directions. Test a small, inconspicuous area on your carpet to ensure it is exactly what you want, and it will not damage your carpet. This can also be accomplished with a scrap piece of carpeting, if you happen to have one.

Apply the carpet dye to a small area and scrub it in with a brush, taking care to spread the dye evenly. Do not overlap strokes, as your work the dye into the carpet. This can cause streaking and uneven colour. Start at a wall area, and work your way towards a door -- so that you are able to leave the room without disturbing the dye -- or having to wait for it to dry. Give the carpet time to dry completely, before replacing furniture or walking on it.

Repeat in any remaining rooms.


You can also use a sprayer to apply the dye.

Things You'll Need

  • Carpet shampooer
  • Scrub brush
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