How to Change the Odometer to KM From Miles on a 2008 Land Rover LR2 in Canada

Written by erick kristian | 13/05/2017
How to Change the Odometer to KM From Miles on a 2008 Land Rover LR2 in Canada
Land Rovers were originally designed in the U.K. (suv land rover discovery drives through rain image by alma_sacra from

Changing the odometer from miles to kilometres (km) on a 2008 Land Rover LR2 can only be done using the ECU (engine control unit), the car's on-board computer. Unfortunately, unlike the Discovery, which simply requires that the driver press and hold the odometer button to switch from miles to km, the LR2 needs to be switched electronically. There are different devices (such as Unichip's Uconnect) designed to connect to the ECU and switch miles to km.

Visit a Land Rover dealership and get a quote on how much the change would cost. Some dealerships may even do this for free (if you are nice and have an existing relationship.) The process is not hard for them and takes little time.

Purchase an ECU test control unit. These units can be expensive, ranging from several hundred dollars and up. It may be worth it to simply let the dealer take care of the change if you have no other use for the test control unit.

Connect the ECU test control unit to the vehicle using the supplied cables. Under the steering wheel column below the dash is a port for the ECU. Connect the unit there.

Change the vehicle's setting from miles to kilometres. This is done by using the test control unit and adjusting the settings there. Each test control unit has a different procedure for making that adjustment.

Disconnect the ECU test control unit. Start the car and see if the change has occurred.

Things you need

  • ECU test control

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