How to Build an Omni-Directional UHF TV Antenna

Updated March 23, 2017

Omni-directional television antennas are capable of receiving signals from every direction in a 360 degree field. They are much more convenient and effective than traditional antennas because they require no adjustment and compensate for weak signals more efficiently. Omni-directional antennas are sometimes sold as a premium item, alongside a hefty price tag. Making your own omnidirectional antenna is just as effective as buying one from the store, but will likely be far less expensive. You should be able to make your own omnidirectional antenna in about an hour.

Use wire cutters to remove the twisted ends of both clothes hangers. Use pliers to straighten out each hanger section by applying pressure at the jointed sections, while pulling at the ends. Measure the sections of wire and cut them to be precisely 15 inches in length.

Use pliers to curl the last half-inch of one side of each wire into a "U" shape. You'll want to shape the bent ends to allow a wood screw to fit snugly inside.

Place a washer over one of your wood screws. Slide the screw and washer into place inside one of the curled ends of your hanger wire. Use your ruler to mark a spot 1 inch from the edge of the 12-inch section of wood. Use your screwdriver to screw the wood screw and hanger wire into place at the spot you marked. Do not screw the screw completely into the wood.

Push one of the connectors from your 75-ohm transistor underneath the "U" curl in your hanger wire, then tighten the screw so that the connector is held firmly in place.

Turn the 12-inch section of wood 90 degrees so that the screw you just placed faces away from you. Use your ruler to mark a spot 1 inch from the edge of the wood, similar to step 3.

Place a washer over your second wood screw, then place the screw and washer inside the "U" curl of the second wire. Screw the washer and screw into place. Push the other connector from the 75-ohm transformer underneath the "U" curl, then screw everything tightly into place. This will form the finished body of your antenna.

Place the antenna body onto your base board so that the antenna stands straight up. Screw a screw up through the bottom of the base board into the bottom end of the antenna body. This will ensure that the antenna stays rooted firmly in place. Connect the TV-out portion of your 75-ohm transformer to the coaxial cable input on the back of your television to begin using your new omnidirectional antenna.

Things You'll Need

  • 2 metal coat hangers
  • Base board
  • Wood section (12 inches by 1 inch by 1 inch)
  • 1-Inch wood screws
  • Washers
  • Screwdriver
  • 75 ohm transformer balun
  • Ruler
  • Pliers
  • Wire cutters
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