How to Adjust a Spigarelli Rest

Updated March 28, 2017

A "rest" in archery is not a little nap between target shots. A rest holds the arrow in position on the bow keeping it ready for the shot. A rest is particularly useful when bow hunting. When you get close to your quarry the arrow needs to remain on the bow and string without shifting or making noise. The Spigarelli rest operates like most standard rests and may be adjusted for different arrow diameters.

Place the arrow into the bow string at the nock---the metal rings on the string designed to hold the arrow in a static position on the string. Place the tip of the arrow through the Spigarelli rest so the shaft and tip are facing forward.

Grip the wire bail on the bottom of the rest with a thumb and forefinger. Push the wire in toward the bow to make the rest width smaller to better enclose the arrow shaft. Push the wire out from the bow to make the width wider if using a wider diameter arrow.

Adjust the rest's width until it just barely touches the shaft of the arrow. Push the wire down to lock the rest into position.

Draw the string back and ready the arrow for the shot. Let loose and allow the Spigarelli rest to snap out upon the shaft moving through it. Reset the rest with a new arrow when ready.

Things You'll Need

  • Bow
  • Arrows
  • Spigarelli rest
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