How to Dismantle an Aladin Pro Dive Computer

Updated March 23, 2017

The Aladin Pro is a scuba diving computer that allows a diver to make dives up to 100 meters deep. It can be programmed for use with air or nitrox -- air enriched with a higher percentage of oxygen. The unit is sealed, but to replace a worn-out battery it can be dismantled to enable the user to access the interior. The interior is filled with a paraffin-like liquid so care should be taken where the unit is dismantled.

Place a washing bowl underneath where you intend to dismantle the computer, to catch the internal fluid.

Remove the computer wrist strap.

Lift the tabs on the edge of the computer. The two halves will fall apart.

Drain the liquid into the washing bowl. Remove the internal components.


Do not try to dismantle the unit by sticking a screwdriver in the vent holes in the back. This will break the diaphragm seal.


Opening the computer voids any warranty from Uwatec. If you want to replace the battery you must have an identical 3.6v Uwatec lithium battery to solder to the operating system. The unit must be fully immersed in the same liquid it contains before being reassembled. You need to maintain a 3.6-volt charge to the poles when changing the battery to avoid wiping the memory/program. The best option is to pay to have the unit opened by a Uwatec certified technician to avoid any problems.

Things You'll Need

  • Washing bowl
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