How to Adjust Fog Lights on a Renault Megane

Updated February 21, 2017

Fog lights ride low on the front bumper of a Renault Megane. These lights help cut through the fog, rain or snow, allowing you to have a better view of the road directly in front of you. These lights are not meant to provide a pencil-line beam; rather, they should illuminate the entire surface in front of your Renault. However, if you have been in minor bumper bender, the fog lights may have become misaligned and are shining too high. Adjusting them is a fairly simple process.

Drive your Renault Megane to a car park and stop in front of a large wall you can use to align your lights. Park one foot in front of the wall, but leave about 20 feet to back up.

Mark the wall to signify the centre of the fog light lens with a piece of chalk. You do not need to measure to be exact. An eyeball approximation will do for fog lights.

Back the Renault Megane up about 20 feet and turn on the fog lights. Note where they hit the wall. Crawl under the front of the car to the rear of the fog light assembly. Loosen the screws around the sides and manually adjust the light. It will move up and down and side to side.

Tighten the screws once the light is hitting the chalk mark.

Things You'll Need

  • Screwdriver
  • Chalk
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