Homemade Air Rifles

Updated April 17, 2017

An air rifle, commonly known as an air gun or BB gun, is a type of firearm that utilises compressed air or CO2 to fire projectiles at specific targets. They fire metal or plastic pellets without the use of gun powder. Air rifles serve a variety of purposes such as hunting and competitive sports, as well as teaching gun safety. They can also provide many hours of enjoyable recreational shooting. You can build your own air rifle for sport and recreational purposes, which can be more cost effective than purchasing the air rifles sold commercially.

Use soap and warm water to clean the pump-action water gun. Add the soap and water to the gun and press the trigger multiple times to remove any dirt that may have got inside the gun.

Acquire metal tubing that is slightly larger in diameter than the ball-bearing pellets or BBs you will be firing.

Cut the metal tubing to an 8-inch length with a saw.

Apply a small amount of industrial-strength glue around the barrel of the pump-action water gun. Avoid getting glue inside the barrel of the gun and over the opening where water exits the gun.

Secure the metal tubing onto the barrel of the gun. Hold the metal tubing against the barrel for a couple of minutes until the glue sets. Allow enough time for the glue to fully harden.

Load the rifle by placing a ball-bearing pellet into the metal tube.

Aim the water gun towards the target and pump the water gun several times. Squeeze the trigger quickly when you are ready to fire the pellet.


It can take from 10 to 25 pumps to propel the pellet towards the target.

Things You'll Need

  • Pump-action water gun
  • Metal tubing
  • Saw
  • Industrial-strength glue
  • Ball-bearing pellets or BBs
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