How to convert headphones to wireless

Updated February 21, 2017

Music lovers and audiophiles might invest much time and money in a decent pair of headphones so that they can have an enjoyable private listening experience. However, some users might not like the fact that they are constantly tethered by a cord to a media player device. Some people listen to their entire music library from a PC, while others use audio ports on a cell phone or MP3 player, if available. If you want greater mobility while listening through your headphones, you can use one type of wireless technology to cut the cord.

Obtain a wireless Bluetooth receiver with a 3.5mm audio port. Examples of brands and models include Panasonic's Digital Wireless Earphones, RP-BT10, and Sony's Wireless Audio Receiver, DRC-BT30 (see links in the Resources section). The standard size of the audio plug on many headphones is 3.5mm.

Charge the battery in the Bluetooth adaptor according to the manufacturer's instructions. Connect the headphones to the 3.5mm port on the adaptor. Power on the Bluetooth adaptor. This completes the conversion of the headphones to wireless.

Use the Bluetooth transmitter installed on a PC to pair to the wireless headphones. Obtain a USB Bluetooth transmitter, or dongle, if the computer does not have a native Bluetooth capabilities. An example model is IOGear's Bluetooth 2.1 USB Micro Adapter (see link in the Resources section). Microsoft's Windows 7 operating system includes native Bluetooth connectivity software or the manufacturer of the transmitter might include this software. Follow the company's instructions for pairing the Bluetooth adaptor.

Acquire and connect a Bluetooth transmitter (adaptor) for other audio devices such as an MP3 or MP4 player. An example, brand and model is Sony's Wireless Transmitter for iPod (see link in the Resources section). The Bluetooth transmitter houses all of the necessary software on the miniature hardware device. Follow the manufacturer's instructions on which buttons to press and which indicator lights to use to pair the audio playing device to the headphones.

Use the Bluetooth transmitter embedded in a cell phone to pair to the wireless headphones. This is similar to pairing a standard Bluetooth "headset" that is used for two-way communication. Follow the cell phone's manufacturer instructions for accessing its Bluetooth settings so that it can discover the Bluetooth signal from the headphones.

Things You'll Need

  • Bluetooth wireless receiver (for 3.5mm headphones)
  • Bluetooth wireless transmitter (optional)
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