How to Write a Drama Evaluation GCSE Essay

Updated March 23, 2017

The General Certificate of Secondary Education (GCSE) demonstrates a student's comprehension of the theory of a subject along with some practical or investigative ability. Students write an examination after completing a course of study to earn a GCSE in the given subject. A student's score on the GCSE may affect future career or study possibilities. The GCSE in Drama and Theatre Arts consists of both practical and theoretical study elements. Learning how to write a drama evaluation essay can help improve your levels on the Drama and Theatre Arts GCSE.

Attend a live theatrical performance. The drama evaluation essay requires writing critically about a live performance that you have seen. Take notes before, during and after the performance. Capture the specifics of how the scenes are set, characters are cast and played and dialogue is delivered. Write brief impressions of how those specifics affected the play as a whole.

Write practice essays. Describe a live performance that you have seen. Include only the specific, objective details of the performance. Ask a friend or study-partner who did not see the performance to read over your essay. The essay should allow your reader to picture the performance as you saw it.

Fill out your practice essay with your evaluation of the performance. Complete each section with further details. For example, if you described the lighting of the performance then comment on how that lighting impacted the overall performance. Critique the dramatic elements and state how they either added to or detracted from the experience.

Make a decision. Summarise your overall impression of the performance in a brief, one-sentence statement. For example, if the performance you watched was expertly acted but you were distracted by excessive special effects and props then you could state that the skilled performance was overshadowed by an overenthusiastic stage crew.

Argue your point. State the concrete details of the performance such as what the play was, who performed it and where you saw it. Introduce your impression through your brief, one-sentence statement. Describe the specific dramatic elements objectively and interpret how each element supports your statement. Restate your assessment of the theatrical performance to conclude your evaluation essay.

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