How to hide outdoor garbage cans with privacy fencing

Garbage cans are part of life that everyone uses but tries to hide. If you can find a way to store your dustbins so that they are easy to get to when you need to throw out the trash but also out of view, you might have conquered one challenge of trash management. Installing a privacy fence around a garbage can area is easier than you think, especially now that fencing sections are readily available at home improvement centres.

Mark off the area where you want to store the dustbins. Decide whether you want an enclosure with two, three or four sides. Compare your measurements with the sizes of fence panels sold and adjust them to fit accordingly so that installing them is easier.

Dig holes for the wooden corner posts using a shovel or post hole digger until the hole is a third of the length of your pole. For example, dig a hole 2 feet deep for a 6-foot pole.

Set the posts into the holes and tamp the soil down firmly with a pole tamper until the hole is filled and even with the soil. Have a helper hold the post plumb while you fill in the hole.

Attach the fence sections to the posts, using the hardware that comes with the fencing. Level each section carefully while attaching the sections.

Attach hinge hardware where one of the sections will serve as a door to the trash area. Use erosion-proof wood screws to secure the hinge to the corner post and fence.

Things You'll Need

  • Measuring tape
  • Fence panels
  • Shovel
  • Post hole digger
  • Pole tamper
  • Posts
  • Level
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