How to Make a Kyuubi Costume

Updated April 17, 2017

Kyuubi no Youko is a nine-tailed demon fox character from the anime series Naruto. His colouring is mainly vibrant orange with distinct black stripes from his eyes to his ears. Kyuubi's nine tails rise up behind him and fan out. Creating a Kyuubi costume requires time and patience, as some features need to be made from scratch. Approaching the costume in sections allows you to create a detailed costume in manageable stages. Wear your finished costume to a Halloween party or anime convention to impress your friends and fellow Naruto fans.

Purchase a latex or foam mask base in the shape of a fox's head (see "Resources"). This will give you the basic fox head shape that you can build upon to create Kyuubi's features.

Create the ears by either purchasing latex ears or making your own. Kyuubi's ears are long and slender, resembling rabbit ears rather than the usual fox ears. To make your own ears, use craft foam. Cut out a rectangle of craft foam and, using a craft knife, carve the ear shape. Give the ear a thick base for attaching it to the mask. Repeat this step to create the second ear.

Build the back of the mask using a soft old style football helmet. Cover the helmet in craft foam and attach the ears with liquid latex. Glue the base mask to the helmet and leave it to dry before continuing.

Glue black fake fur onto the mask base in a stripe on each side from the eyes to the ears to match Kyuubi's markings (see "References"). Cover the rest of the mask in orange fake fur using liquid latex adhesive.

Paint the eyes using acrylic paint. Use black paint to surround the eyes and orange and white paint for the eye detail. Paint the nose and mouth in black. Create the teeth using craft foam, paint them white and glue them into the mouth.

Purchase an all-in-one suit in orange (see "Resources"). If orange is not available, a white one can be used. Dye the white all-in-one-suit orange. Use orange fake fur to match the head, and blend the neckline. Cover the zipper with fake fur.

Use a pair of thin gloves for the base of the hands. Cut out nail shapes from craft foam and attach them to each fingertip. Paint the nails white and sharpen the tips with a craft knife. Glue orange fake fur to both gloves, concentrating on the seam where the all-in-one suit will meet the gloves.

Cut out ten long, thin toes from craft foam. Use a pair of thick socks and glue on the toes. Splay the toes as if Kyuubi is standing flat footed. Cover the socks in orange fake fur all the way to the top. This will prevent any of your own skin or the sock being seen if the legs of the all-in-one rise up. You can attach the gloves and socks to the all-in-one-suit by wearing the items and attaching them piece-by-piece. This will ensure that it will fit properly and not tear when you move.

Cut each craft foam tube into 20 segments, each 50 millimetres long. Number the segments and lay them together. Taper the base of different segments to create a curve or twist in the tail. Shape the end segment of each tail into a tip.

Cut lengths of wire long enough to be inserted through the centre of the tails. Feed the wire through the foam segments and secure. Fasten the segments together with short loops of wire and glue. Cover the tails with orange fake fur.

Attach the nine tails to a back brace. Use strong glue to secure the tails and to keep their curved structure. Cut holes in the back of the all-in-one suit to allow the tails through. Glue fake orange fur around the cut holes to mask the join.


Gather images of Kyuubi from various angles before you begin making your costume so that you have a clear picture in your mind while you are creating the costume.


Do not use oil-based paints on latex as this can deteriorate the material.

Things You'll Need

  • Latex fox head base mask
  • Orange fake fur
  • Black fake fur
  • Craft foam
  • Craft knife
  • Soft, old-style football helmet
  • Liquid latex
  • Acrylic paints
  • All-in-one suit
  • Orange fabric dye
  • Gloves
  • Socks
  • Glue
  • 9 craft foam tubes, 1 meter long
  • Wire
  • Back brace belt
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