How to Assemble a Thule Roof Bar

Updated February 21, 2017

Thule is a Swedish company that manufactures cargo-carrying solutions for many different vehicles. Thule roof bars provide a means to secure and tie down cargo to the roof of your vehicle. The roof bars, which are purchased separately from a basic roof rack kit, come in pairs and attach to the roof rack feet that are mounted at each corner of the roof. Proper assembly of the roof bars to the roof rack feet is necessary to ensure that the cargo can be securely tied down.

Pull out on the tensioning cam levers on both of the roof rack feet installed at the front of the vehicle's roof.

Hold the roof bar over the roof of the vehicle. Slide one end of the roof bar into the mounting hole at the top of one of the roof rack feet on one side of the roof far enough so that the opposite side of the bar clears the opposite foot.

Slide the opposite end of the bar into the mounting hole on the opposite foot.

Use a measuring tape to measure the bar overhang on each side of the roof rack feet. Slide the bar as needed so that there is an equal amount of overhang on each side of the feet.

Align the threaded end of one of the roof rack handles (included with the roof rack) into the outward side of one of the roof rack feet. Twist the handle clockwise until it is fully seated, being careful not to cross-thread it. Pull back on the handle to lock the tensioning cam in place. Repeat for the opposite roof rack foot.

Repeat the procedure to assemble the rear roof rack bar.


Measure the distance the roof rack bars hang over past the roof rack feet. If the overhang distance changed while you were locking in the bars, pull out on the tensioning cam handle, slide the bar into the correct position then relock the tensioning cam. Some vehicles may require that the roof rack feet be tightened further once the tensioning cams on the roof bars have been tightened. Follow the directions that came with the roof rack if you are not sure.

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