How to Expose What Number Is Calling on Blocked or Private

Updated April 11, 2017

Blocked or private numbers can be bothersome. They may be pranks or marketing calls that use up your time. They can also be legitimate calls from someone you know who requires a certain amount of privacy. With certain phone companies or cellular carriers, you can find out the blocked or private number and decide for yourself if you want to return the call. You cannot currently do this while the number is ringing on your phone. But you can do it after the caller hangs up, as long as you do it before another call comes in on your phone.

Wait for the blocked or private call to stop ringing. Pick up the telephone or cell phone before another call comes in. Most caller services are able to automatically reveal only the last number called. If you are looking for a private or blocked number from before the most recent call, you will have to wait for that blocked caller to redial you.

Dial *69 on either your landline telephone or your cell phone. Your telephone or cell phone carrier should either reconnect with the caller through this service or give you a voice recording of the number, such as "the number of your last incoming call was 555-555-5555." On some landline carriers, you will have the option to return the call through the service without redialing.

Dial 67, 57, or 71 -- if 69 does not work. Although 69 is almost universal across the country, some areas use these other codes. You should receive the same results with these other numbers as you would with 69. If none of these work, consult your carrier for the correct number to use.

Consult your phone or cellular carrier. They may be able to assist you in finding the private or blocked number if the commercial services do not work. Some carriers have special services for a fee that will assist you in discovering the identity of blocked numbers. If the calls are harassing, consult with the carrier to record your incoming calls and consult with local law enforcement.

Sign up for a call trapping service. For a fee, you can have service that will unlock the private call and reveal the number to you on your cell.

Things You'll Need

  • Phone
  • Call trap service (optional)
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