DIY Tank Backgrounds

Updated July 20, 2017

Though you can easily obtain fish tank backgrounds from most pet stores they can often be expensive when combined with other fish tank essentials you may be purchasing, such as gravel, plants and toys. With the use of the Internet and a few online stores however, creating your own DIY fish tank backgrounds can be a quick and simple process with minimal effort and cost.

Browse various websites for free printable fish tank backgrounds. A few sites that offer these are All-Freeware, Free Printable and Animal Source. Download your chosen backgrounds to your computer system and print them out. You may need to trim them depending on the size of your fish tank. Use Sellotape to stick the background to the back of your tank from the outside.

Create your own fish tank backgrounds using software like Photoshop or MS Paint. You could paint your own background with these programs from scratch or import an image that you'd like to have as your tank's background. Ensure that the dimensions of your image match those of your fish tank -- crop and resize the image as needed to fit your fish tank. Print the image out, trim it accordingly, and stick it to the back of your tank with tape.

Cut out some black plastic bag and tape it to the back of your tank on the outside. Measure your tank and mark out the amount you require before cutting it out. Although it is a simple form of background it will add a new depth to the look of your tank and make it much more pleasing to the eye. Use tape to stick it to the back of your tank.

Acquire appropriate accessories and basic items for your fish tank. Adding gravel to the base of your tank will replicate the fish's natural environment, whereas adding live plants to the tank will make the tank stand out visually. Items such as miniature stone castles and skulls will provide a playground for your fish and can be purchased from reputable online stores such as Aqua Essentials, Online Aquarium Store and Seapets.


Laminate your background if you wish to keep it protected from dampness. Use a laminating machine at a reputable arts and crafts store. Some office hardware stores also offer this service for a small fee.

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