How to lose weight naturally with the h&b; fat metabolizer & 14-day diet plan

Updated April 17, 2017

Holland and Barrett Fat Metaboliser pills are advertised to help you lose weight and to help boost your metabolism. The product's manufacturers advise users to follow a 14-day diet along with taking the pills to achieve maximum weight loss.

Complete a physical and receive a doctor's note explaining that you may enter a diet and exercise program.

Read the instructions with the Holland and Barrett Fat Metaboliser tablets. Make note of any information that may interact with medicines you may be taking or other health-related issues.

Reduce your caloric intake and engage in regular aerobic exercise for the 14-day period. This recommendation, made by Holland and Barrett, is said to help encourage weight loss and help the fat metaboliser to work.

Track your results. This can be done by taking measurements of your body, as well as keeping track of your weight loss. This will help you find out if the H&B Fat Metaboliser and diet change has been successful for you.


Read all instructions for the product.

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