How to make quick cash with no outlay

There is no instant formula for making quick cash; get-rich-quick schemes rarely pan out and money does not grow on trees. However, there are a number of legitimate websites that connect buyers and sellers of goods and services. Many people make money using these sites every day. Such websites do not require an initial outlay or cash investment, offer flexible working hours, and with effort can be used to make cash relatively quickly.

Sell your unwanted stuff

Check through cupboards and storage areas to gather unwanted or unused items, including unwanted gifts.

Sort items you have collected by value. Form two main groups: items worth over £5 and items worth under £10.

Visit eBay and open an account. Use eBay as a mechanism for selling all of those items valued over £5.

Host a yard or garage sale to sell those items valued under £5, along with any items that have not sold on eBay.

Sell your skills

Write a list of the things you can do that other people may be willing to pay you for.

Visit websites such as Fiverr, Demand Studios and Elance to identify which site would be the most appropriate for your skills.

Register with the most appropriate website and be sure to gain a full understanding of how the site works before starting to sell your skills.


Good quality, nearly new items will be much easier to sell and attract a higher price on eBay. Consider grouping some of the lower value items together to form a higher value bundle, for example a selection of baby clothes or children's toys may be grouped together so that as a collective they are worth over £5. As a rule of thumb, items or pieces of clothing that have not been used or worn for over 12 months should be considered for sale. When selling your skills give an honest account of your experience and capabilities.


When working online, beware of scams and illegitimate websites. Visit the Better Business Bureau and Onguard Online websites to learn more about protecting yourself.

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