How to convert a cubic foot to a cubic meter

Updated August 11, 2017

Cubic feet (ft³) and cubic meters (m³) are measurements of volume. Each measures a three-dimensional object. The measurements are cubed because the object's dimensions are multiplied together, such as feet by feet by feet. The cubic foot is a standard system volume unit measurement and the cubic meter is a metric system volume unit measurement. You can convert volume in cubic feet to cubic meters easily with conversion factors and a calculator.

Multiply the amount in cubic feet by 0.0283168466 to convert it to cubic meters. For example, 25,000 ft³ multiplied by 0.0283168466 converts to 707.921165 m³.

Divide the amount in cubic feet by 35.3146667 to also convert it to cubic meters. For example, 60,000 ft³ divided by 35.3146667 converts to 1,699.0108 m³.

Visit the MetricConversions website. Enter the amount in cubic feet in the text box to the right of the "Go" button and then click "Go." The amounts in both cubic feet and cubic meters will be displayed below.

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