Easy to Install Dishwasher

Updated February 21, 2017

You can install a new dishwasher in a matter of minutes without any special plumbing tools. A dishwasher works on the basic principle of a water supply inlet and a waste pipe for dirty water discharge. Make sure you place the new dishwasher close to both the kitchen waste pipe under the sink and the water supply pipes. You can install an easy-fit self-tapping water valve to provide the dishwasher with a water supply.

Position the new dishwasher near the kitchen sink.

Attach the dishwasher waste pipe to the kitchen sink waste pipe. You will see several nylon stopper nuts on the kitchen sink waste pipe. The nuts are covers for waste attachments for dishwashers and washing machines. Remove one of the nuts by unscrewing it, and screw on the spigot that was supplied with the dishwasher.

Push the dishwasher waste pipe onto the spigot on the waste pipe.

Fit the clamp of the self-tapping water valve around the cold water supply pipe and screw it securely in place, using a screwdriver.

Make sure the self-tapping valve is turned to the "Off" position and placed into the clamp thread. Turn the valve clockwise until it pierces the water supply pipe and sits flush into the clamp. The valve will make a hole in the water supply pipe and will feed the dishwasher.

Screw the dishwasher water supply hose to the self-tapping valve that's clamped to the water supply. Turn on the valve tap.

Plug the dishwasher into an electrical socket.


Check the dishwasher hoses and pipes for leaks immediately after installation.


Do not cross-thread any nuts on the hose attachments, as this will cause leaks.

Things You'll Need

  • Self-tapping water valve
  • Screwdriver
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