How to replace eyeglass temple ends

Updated November 21, 2016

Eyeglass temple ends can become broken and cracked over time, but it is not such a hefty task to replace them. Removing and replacing broken eyeglass temple ends can be done in a few minutes time with a pair of pliers and a bead type frame warmer. A bead type frame warmer is a small electric heater that is shaped like a box and used to warm the frame for adjusting.

Remove the temple from the frame by unscrewing the hinge with a screwdriver. Turn the screw on the hinge counterclockwise to remove it.

Place the temple in the frame warmer and let the temple warm for a few minutes. This time in the frame warmer will help loosen the temple from the metal core and help it to slide off for easy removal. The metal core is the stem onto which the temple end slides.

Remove the temple end with the pliers by squeezing the tip and pulling the end off of the metal core. Clean the metal core of the temple and make sure that there are no rough edges.

Heat the metal core in the frame warmer for 5 minutes. Take the metal core out and slide the new temple end onto the metal core. Continue to slide the new temple end on until you cannot any push it anymore.


If you cannot remove the broken temple end with your hands after it has been in the bead pan, use the pliers to pull off the temple end. The pliers can crush the temple end off of the metal core, but try not to damage the metal core. If the new temple end will not slide completely on, place the metal core with attached temple end back into the frame warmer. More time in the frame warmer will help the new temple end to slide completely on.

Things You'll Need

  • Screwdriver
  • Pliers
  • Bead type frame warmer
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