Homemade Airbrush Pen

Updated July 20, 2017

Airbrushing is a way to spray paint onto a surface. Airbrush equipment is expensive and is usually acquired from a paint supply shop. You can make an airbrush pen at home using common materials. The pen is the body of the airbrush that contains the ink reservoir and nozzle to spray the paint. You can build an airbrush pen even if you've never done it before. There's no need to consult with a professional airbrush artist.

Unscrew the top of an empty spray bottle. The optimal bottle to use is one that contained window-cleaning fluid or something similar. Repeat this procedure for a second spray bottle.

Cut the tubing into three 7-inch sections with a razor.

Remove the plastic covering the spray module using a razor blade. You can throw this plastic covering in the garbage. Cut away any extra plastic so you're left with just the nozzle and the stem that's attached to it.

Cut the ends off a thick marker with a razor blade. Discard the ink in the inside.

Make a hole in the top of the marker using a razor blade. The hole should be 2 inches big and it should be located 2 inches from one end of the marker.

Make two holes ¾ inch apart on the bottom side of a film canister.

Place one 7-inch piece of tubing taken from a spray bottle into each hole on the canister. The tube that will be connected to the back side of the marker in Step 8 should extend 1/2 inch into the canister, while the other tube should extend 2mm into the canister. Put glue around each hole and let it dry.

Set the canister on top of the hole that you made on the marker. Pull one tube through the body of the marker and out one side, and the other tube through the body of the marker and out the other side. Glue the canister into place on the marker.

Glue the tube coming out the front of the marker to the spray nozzle.

Make a small hole on the top of the nozzle with a razor blade.

Place one 7-inch piece of tubing taken from a spray bottle into the hole on the nozzle. Put glue around the hole and let it dry.

Pull the tube attached to the nozzle through the marker. You'll now have two pieces of tubing coming out the back of the marker --- one from the film canister, one from the nozzle.

Push the nozzle into the marker and apply glue between the marker and the nozzle so that it stays in place.


Fill the canister with paint and blow through both tubes hanging out of the back of the airbrush pen to use the apparatus.

Things You'll Need

  • Spray bottle
  • Nozzle
  • Razor blade
  • Marker
  • Tubing
  • Film canister
  • Glue
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