How to Write a CV Lesson Plan

Learning to create a CV or resume is an important milestone for students. CV's give budding professionals an opportunity to holistically evaluate their experiences and education while thinking about future aspirations. When your students are ready to enter the job market, having a CV is empowering and allows them to stand out amongst peers. Creating a CV Lesson Plan provides an opportunity to teach CV formatting, grammar, career and life skills. The lesson plan needs to introduce students to CV structure and allow students to complete a personal CV draft.

Decide how much time is available for the lesson. Portions of the lesson plan and the resulting class are impacted by available instruction time. Do not include homework or independent work students complete outside of the lesson in the plan. Label this section, "Time Required".

Write the lesson objectives. Create a list of outcomes each student will walk away with after the lesson is complete. This will include benefits such as the creation of a CV, understanding CV structure, ability to self-assess applicable skills and experience in the workplace and career planning among others. Label this section, "Objectives".

Create a supply list. Use the objectives as a guide to determine what materials are required to teach the lesson effectively. Consider if students will need handouts and worksheets during or after the lesson. Also consider what tools will help make the instructor's job easier and the class more engaging. Make a comprehensive yet manageable list. Label this section "Materials".

Write each step of the lesson. In chronological order, describe how the lesson is introduced, how topics are transitioned, what students are asked to do, and what the instructor is asked to do. It should read like a manual but can also have dialogue an instructor can use when delivering the lesson. Also include acceptable answers for questions that will be asked of students. Label this section "Delivery".

Write a wrap up for the lesson. The follow up section of the CV lesson plan describes what students or instructor should expect following the lesson. This is where independent study or homework is explained. Label this section "Follow Up".


CV lesson plans can be enhanced appropriately with guest speakers on the topic of careers and multimedia related to the topic.

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