How to Make a 3D Hologram Pendant

Updated November 21, 2016

Holographic pictures feature a shiny, metallic finish that often change colour depending on the angle of the light. Manufacturers use lasers and thin layers of film to create holographic stickers and novelty-framed images. Teens and young adults often enjoy collecting these items, only to find no use for them later in life; however, you don't have to part with your favourite funky images. Recycle them into posh pendants that complement your original style.

Lay your holographic image on a flat, clean surface. Place your game tile over the part you want to preserve. Unless your image is very small, you probably won't get the whole thing on one tile. Plan to save your favourite part of the image or make several pendants from one image.

Hold your wooden game tile in place with your thumb and cut into the holographic image around the tile. Work slowly to avoid tearing your hologram or nicking your tile.

Brush the blank side of your tile with clear glazing glue and press your image firmly in place. The letter on the other side should point upward. If you don't want the letter to show, feel free to cover it with your image. Use glue even if the image is a sticker. Stickers can lose adhesion over time and ruin your work.

Brush the surface of the image with more glazing glue. Make sure to cover the image completely with a light, smooth coating. The glue must not be too thick or you'll dull the shiny hologram. Let the glue dry overnight.

Trace around the edge of your image with clear resin glaze. Do not shake the glaze before using. Colour in the rest of the image with glaze, working as you would with a marker. Gently breathe on the glaze to break any bubbles. Allow the pendant to dry for three days.

Flip your pendant over. Add a drop of industrial jewellery adhesive to the back of the tile and press the flat part of a pendant bale into place. Pendant bales are small metal loops that allow you to put your pendant on a chain or cord. Let the adhesive dry overnight.


Try making holographic charm necklaces or bracelets. Gather up holographic stickers depicting your favourite movie characters, Catholic saints, pagan gods, or other symbols that represent you. Attach bales to the top and bottoms of the pendants and run elastic string through them to make stretchy bracelets and chokers. Add a few small beads as well.

Things You'll Need

  • Holographic sticker or small image
  • Wooden game letter tile
  • Utility knife
  • Clear glazing glue
  • Clear resin glaze
  • Pendant bale
  • Industrial jewellery adhesive
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