How to Set Codes on a Hormann Supramatic Garage-Door Opener

Founded in Germany in the 1930s, Hormann is a leading manufacturer of steel and high-density polythene garage doors and automatic garage-door openers. The Hormann Supramatic is an ultra-quiet, belt-drive opener made specifically for Hormann residential garage doors. Hormann's digital-coder keypad and control panel allow you to operate your Supramatic garage-door opener with a user code rather than a remote. Setting the user codes for your Hormann Supramatic garage door is a quick and simple process.

Examine the garage-door control panel to locate the series of switches used to set the door codes; the switches are labelled "S1," "S2," "S3" and "S4."

Flip "S1" into the "On" position to set the first user code.

Use the numeric keys on the electronic keypad to enter your desired user code. Select a user code that is between two and five digits; make the code easy to remember, but too difficult for others to guess.

Flip the "S1" switch back to the "Off" position. A tone will sound to indicate that the code was successfully programmed into memory.

Use the same process to set user codes for switches "S2," "S3" and "S4."


If you have any trouble setting the user codes for your garage door, contact Hormann customer support for assistance (see Resources).

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