Hotpoint Refrigerator Leaking Problems

Updated February 21, 2017

Hotpoint is a manufacturer that makes kitchen appliances, including refrigerators. When a Hotpoint refrigerator starts to leak, there may be a variety of issues involved. Improper installation of the unit will cause the machine to leak because it cannot drain condensation properly. Improper maintenance might also cause leaks. Clogged drain holes will prevent the water from draining from the unit properly. Leaks from a Hotpoint fridge rarely require the help of a professional service repair technician.

Pull the fridge out from the wall and look for the brass fitting for the water supply to the fridge if the fridge has water or an ice cube maker. Inspect the compression fitting. Tighten it if it is loose.

Place a spirit level on top of the fridge. Stack three quarters toward the back of the fridge and put the back end of the spirit level on top of the quarters. The fridge should lean back slightly. If the spirit level does not show level, adjust the feet of the fridge with a wrench, raising them until the spirit level does show level.

Remove the screws that hold the cover panel in place at the back of the fridge to expose the drain hole. Remove any dirt or debris from the drain hole by hand, then blow air into it through a plastic tube to clear the hole.

Things You'll Need

  • Spirit level
  • Quarters
  • Wrench
  • Plastic tubing
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