Handmade Knives Made From Sheep Shears

Updated April 17, 2017

Sheep shears have sharp edges designed to cut through thick, oily wool. Instead of throwing out your old sheep shears you can easily transform a single blade of the shear into a sharp, durable knife. Create a wrapped leather handle for comfort and grip. Once you're finished, no one will believe that your knife was once a discarded sheep shear.

Select which blade of the shear you want to use for your knife. Choosing the shear that is in the best condition, preferably without chips or blemishes.

Separate the two blades of the sheep shear from one another. Saw through the shear's handle to remove one of the shear blades. Place your hacksaw just beneath the shear's metal coil (located at the butt of the sheep shears) and just above the straight grip of the selected shear. Saw using long, even strokes until you completely separate the sheep shear blade from the shears.

Sharpen the sheep shear using a sharpening stone or sharpening kit.

Soak the leather strap in warm water to make it stretchy and malleable.

Place the end of the leather strap at the base of the sheep shear handle. Holding the end of the strap in place with your hand, pull the leather chord up to the top of the shear handle (right below the blade). Wrap the leather strap tightly around the thin metal handle. While you are wrapping, you should be covering up the loose end of the leather strap. Tie both ends of the leather strap together at the butt of the knife. To make sure that the leather won't unwrap, you can add glue to both ends of the leather wrap.

Things You'll Need

  • Sheep shear
  • Hacksaw
  • Knife-sharpening kit
  • Leather strap
  • Glue
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