How to Remove Pond Skaters in a Swimming Pool

Updated November 21, 2016

Pond skaters or water striders can be removed from a swimming pool in more than one way. A pond skater gets its name from its ability to skate across the water's surface without sinking. These insects spend their lives on the water hunting and eating other insects. Pond skaters can be found on any body of water, even swimming pools. Ponds skaters and other insects can only survive in a swimming pool low in or void of chlorine. Algae can't grow in a well chlorinated pool and if there is no algae then the bugs that the pond skaters eat can't survive. When the pond skater's food source goes elsewhere or dies, so will the pond skaters.

Treat your pool with chlorine on a regular basis to kill algae and keep the water pH levels in balance. Different size pools require different amounts of chlorine. Follow the recommendations on the chlorine's product label for treatment.

Scrub the sides of the pool with a soft-bristle pool cleaning brush to remove algae during the chlorination process. This removes food supply from the prey of the water skaters.

Skim the adult water skaters from the surface of the pool with a pool debris net. Use an extension pole if necessary. Skim and remove all organic debris and dead or living insects. Dump the water skaters in a trash bag and throw them in a trash receptacle. Repeat this process until the water skaters are dead and gone.


Avoid swimming in heavily chlorinated pools as sickness may result. Test pH levels with a pH test kit before swimming to ensure it's safe.

Things You'll Need

  • Pool chlorine
  • Soft-bristle pool cleaning brush
  • Pool debris skimmer net
  • Extension pole for skimmer net
  • Trash bag
  • Trash receptacle
  • Ph test kit (optional)
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