How to Use Saran Wrap

Written by jody l. campbell
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Saran Wrap was developed accidentally by the Dow Chemical company in 1933. Its formula was refined to rid itself of its green colour and peculiar smell and was introduced by Dow in 1949 as Saran Wrap. Originally made of polyvinylidene chloride to prevent oxygen from spoiling food, the formula was changed to polythene, which benefited the environment, but was not as effective for long-term food storage. Now owned by the S.C. Johnson & Son Co., Saran Wrap (and other cling films) have many uses in and out of the kitchen (see References).

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    Use Saran Wrap as it was originally intended. It replaces bowl and container covers in the event one is not available. Keep in mind that if a bowl or container lid secures properly, Saran Wrap is not necessary. However, for bowl and container lids that may be useful for microwaving, they may not necessarily be spill proof. To add a preventive measure to bowls and containers when travelling, place a coat of Saran Wrap over the container and then place the lid on top of the Saran Wrap to help seal the container.

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    Pull an adequate amount of the Saran Wrap out from the roll to cover the intended container. Place the amount over the container and swiftly and carefully pull the Saran Wrap box away from the container and across the cutting blade. Never pull a sheet of Saran Wrap from the box and then try to seal a container. It will wrinkle and stick to itself and you will spend more time trying to reopen the sheet.

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    Use Saran Wrap as a splatter-proof shield in the microwave. Turn one of the corners of the sheet away from the container to allow a steam vent. Never use Saran Wrap for heating foods in the microwave with high sugar contents. The intense heat from sugar can caramelise, melt the cling film, and contaminate the food.

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    Wrap individual meats or vegetable servings with Saran Wrap and place them in a freezer bag before storing them in the freezer. This will separate the portions and allow them to still be stored in the same bag.

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    Wrap used paint rollers with Saran Wrap somewhat tightly so they will not drip paint and store them in the refrigerator. The paint will stay moist and you will be able to unwrap it and reuse it the following day without having to clean the roller or throw it away each time after use.

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    Use Saran Wrap to seal draughty windows. It will not be as effective as a shrink-film insulation kit, but cutting out any drafts in the home will still save heat inside and increase fuel efficiency.

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    Wrap ice cream cartons or containers with Saran Wrap to prevent the ice cream from crystallising. Wrapping the entire container will help keep your ice cream smooth.

Tips and warnings

  • The tips and uses for Saran Wrap and other cling films are innumerable--from revolutionary to ridiculous. If you're concerned for the environment, the key to using Saran Wrap is moderation. Only use it when you have to. Many people grab a sheet of Saran Wrap automatically before a bowl lid that can be placed offset on a bowl about to be microwaved and produce the same results. Saran Wrap is useful and handy if you can manage getting it out of the box and onto the container without having it cling to itself.

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