Bamix user instructions

Updated February 21, 2017

Bamix is a two-speed, multifunctional blender made in Switzerland. Its motors are powerful enough to cut, whisk, pulverise, grind, mix, chop and purée ice cubes, cooked and raw vegetables, fruit, meat, berries and marmalade. Cooks benefit from low vibrations and low noise during operation at high speeds. Style conscious consumers have many colour options to choose from including sky blue, gold, green, burgundy, orange, pink and red. It comes with a holder for safe storage and takes up very little counter space. Available attachments include a multipurpose blade, a beater and a whisk.

Insert the Bamix blender plug into an electrical socket that is close enough to your cooking counter or stove so that the cord is not stretched to its limit. Snap on the beater attachment.

Turn it on a low speed. Place the Bamix into your fluid mix until you obtain the desired consistency. If your container is deep enough to immerse the Bamix, you may use a high speed without worrying about splashing.

Hit the blender's handle firmly against the palm of your hand to remove any food residue from the beaters.

Plug the Bamix blender into an electrical socket close to your working area. Snap on the blade attachment.

Use either the low or the high speed. Be aware that the high speed creates 23,000 revolutions per minute and if using the blade to chop large pieces of hard vegetables or ice, the speed may cause some of the pieces to jump up out of the bowl or glass and cause injury. A low speed chops the contents under safer conditions.

Detach the blade and place under running water to clean off any food particle residue.

Plug your Bamix safely into an electrical socket. Snap on the whisk attachment.

Choose a whisking speed. Use the whisk attachment to create uniform cake batters, egg white mixtures and mousse, to name a few. If your container is deep enough, you may safely immerse the Bamix without risk of electric shock. Place the Bamix at high speed in the middle of a round container to create a vortex of physical energy that will whisk quickly without splashing the food contents.

Detach your whisk and rinse it off.

Put food you want ground up into the Bamix's corresponding processor grinder. Screw on the plastic, transparent top through which the blender will fit. The processor grinder is useful for grains, coffee beans, herbs, nuts and chocolate.

Snap on the Bamix blade. Put the Bamix into the processor grinder. Turn it on to the high speed. Chocolate bars and cinnamon sticks are ground to a fine powder in seconds with the Bamix on high speed.

Detach your blade and rinse it off.

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