How to Use a Gamucci Electronic Cigarette

Updated April 17, 2017

An electronic cigarette is a battery powered alternative to traditional cigarettes. Electronic cigarettes offer smokers the ability to experience the sensation of smoking without the dangerous tar additive. Gamucci brand electronic cigarettes resemble traditional cigarettes. They are available with either nicotine or non-nicotine cartridges that are loaded into the device where heat from the battery turns the contents into vapour.

Remove the Gamucci cigarette and a cartridge from the packaging. The main cigarette component resembles the lit end of a cigarette. The cartridges vary in colour depending upon the flavour you select.

Remove the plastic tip from the end of the cartridge. Insert the male end of the cartridge into the female end of the cigarette. Twist the ends together until they are securely connected. One cartridge will typically last as long as 12 to 15 uses. Less vapour will be produced when the cartridge is ready to be changed.

Insert the end of the cigarette into your mouth as you would a traditional cigarette. You do not need to light the cigarette because it is battery powered.

Inhale to activate the cigarette. The Gamucci Continental 2.0 has a manual switch you simply depress, then inhale.

Blow out the smoke-like vapour that is produced by the condensation the cigarette creates. The vapour is not actually smoke because it is water based and does not contain irritants.

Place the Gamucci on the included charger after approximately 350 uses. The light at the end of the cigarette will also flash to indicate a charge is necessary.


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