How to use a CD laser lens cleaner

Updated February 21, 2017

Compact discs (CDs) are used to store and play back music, videos, and other data files. When overused, the CD can be vulnerable to damage from the laser which reads the data. When the laser light becomes dirty and in need of maintenance, a CD laser lens cleaner can be the simple, quick and non-invasive solution. A CD laser lens cleaner uses micro-brushes and sound optimisation tools to remove the dust and dirt from the CD player or computer drive's lens and optimise sound quality. Failure to clean your lens will affect sound, picture and transfer quality of the disc.

Wipe both sides of the CD laser lens cleaner with a microfiber cloth. Apply a gentle, slow circular motion beginning from the inside of the disc to the outside.

Power on the CD player or computer and open the CD disc tray. Insert the CD laser lens cleaner and close the tray.

Push the "Play" button and wait two to three minutes for the laser lens to clean the inside of the CD player. If your CD player or computer is connected to a screen, you may watch the progress on the monitor.

Push the "Stop" button after two or three minutes or until the video indicates the cleaning process is complete. Push "Eject" on the tray, remove the laser lens cleaner and put it back into its case.


Do not use another type of cleaning cloth to wipe the CD laser lens cleaner. A small scratch will make the disc useless.

Things You'll Need

  • Microfiber cloth
  • CD laser lens cleaner kit
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